What are Optimal Learning Skills for us Humans?

What is the Capacity for Learning for Human Beings throughout the Lifespan?

Are there certain basic principles of learning, of skill-building, that apply to all human beings and in all situations?

All our Learning Titles are based on the premise that there are such common basic principles of effective learning and skill-building that apply to all human beings at every age and culture and that these are important basic principles for effectiveness in all areas of life.


The research on healthy human development supports the proposition that when we human beings feel safe internally in the moment, we are open to learning, open to exploring, open to trying new things. This is certainly true of infants. When an infant feels safe, he/she is naturally alert, interested, curious.

It is true of grown-ups too!! It may even be true that if one is not interested, curious, open to learning, that is a sign he/she does not have an internal safe, secure sense of self.

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3 Other Learning Titles (with Synopses only)

LOVING IS A SKILL: In order to “know what love is” you need to have experienced it (or enough of it) as a child or to have had “remedial training” in it as an adult, because “love” is an “experiential thing”, not a conceptual or intellectual idea. Read Full Synopsis Here

REAL MEN HAVE FEELINGS . . . . IT’S THEIR JOB TO MANAGE THEM: If one is alive, one is having feelings all the time — the brain and the nervous system is a “feeling machine” and one’s competence at feeling, interpreting and managing one’s feelings is directly related to how successful, how effective, how related, and how fulfilled one will be in one’s daily life. Read Full Synopsis Here

WHAT THEY DIDN’T TEACH US AT HOME (Or in School): They didn’t teach us the basics, such as: how to be comfortable with difficulty, with confusion, with frustration, which are necessary ingredients for real learning in the world. Read Full Synopsis Here