What is the Nature of Reality?

What is the nature of Reality vs. the nature of Beliefs, Theories, Good Ideas, Stories?

Our Reality Titles are focused on the reality of existence, the reality of aliveness, the reality of the present moment, reality in daily life, the reality of one’s consciousness, the reality of one’s personal, subjective experience . . . . . . as distinguished from thoughts, concepts, stories, ideas, opinions, beliefs, philosophical/intellectual musings, about one’s existence, aliveness, present moment, daily life, experience.
RealityOn the one hand this is very simple and straightforward. At any moment there is a specific objective reality to me and to you – to our bodies, which can be measured with some degree of accuracy.  And there are certain realities of the biological, physiological, anatomical, neurological, aspects of all us human beings in general as a separate species of animal that have some degree of objective, measurable reality, and some degree of established scientific consensus.

On the other hand this is very complex and not straightforward at the same time, because there is way more than just the objective biological reality going on inside of us at any moment in any situation.  There is also (and just as importantly) “personal reality” going on inside of us at any moment — the personal reality of our awareness, perception, thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, movement, sensations, beliefs, opinions, patterns, strengths, weaknesses, etc. etc. etc.

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SURVIVAL! (It’s Your Job): Who’s responsible for your survival?  It’s you, isn’t it?  It’s not your parents’ responsibility any more (at least if you’re an adult).  It’s not your spouse’s either.  It certainly isn’t your friends’ or neighbors’ job, or your boss’s or co-workers’.  Read Full Synopsis Here

VITALITY IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT: The more you “know yourself” — the more “self-aware” you are — the more you will be aware of at least some of the vital energy pulsing through your body at all times. Read Full Synopsis Here

MAXIMAL COMPLEXITY: In the 1st edition of The Developing Mind Dan Siegel used the term “maximal complexity,” saying it was the “best definition of ‘mental health’” he’d ever heard. Read Full Synopsis Here

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