What is the Nature of a Healthy Human Self?

Are there certain basic principles of “healthy human self-ness” that apply to all human beings, no matter one’s culture, ethnicity, language, education, religion, beliefs, or good intentions?

Silhouette of person with outstretched arms at end of dock with the words "The Self"

All our “Self Titles” are based on the premises that there are common basic principles of life applicable to all human beings no matter one’s culture, ethnicity, language, education, religion, beliefs, or good intentions, and that the more one lives one’s life in harmony with the basic principles of life for all human beings, the more functional, healthy or optimal one’s life will be.

We use “healthy self” not in any medical sense of a “sick self” or a “defective self” versus a “healthy self” or “perfect self”, but rather in the sense of the range of “dysfunctional” Self-thinking, Self-awareness, Self-action versus the range of “optimally functional” Self-thinking, Self-awareness, Self-action. The question of “what is a healthy human self?” is focused on exploring this range of “optimally functional” mental, emotional, behavioral characteristics that is supported, validated, indicated, by credible scientific research or which is so self-evident as to need no scientific validation.

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Our goal at LGIBooks is to produce websites, books and audio/video content that can help Educate the Culture (the Human Culture) about basic principles of a healthy self supported by substantial credible research. We currently have over 50 other Self Titles.

3 Other Self Titles: (with Synopses Only)

SELF IMAGE IS DESTINY:  The main premises of this title are: (1) that we human beings can’t do anything very well (work/career, relationships, health/fitness, happiness) that conflicts with our image of our selves; and (2) that we start developing our self-image very early in life. Read Full Synopsis Here

WHAT IS MENTAL HEALTH?  Very few “mental health professionals” have ever taken a class on “mental health.” The World Health Organization states that there is no universally accepted definition of “mental health.” What’s wrong with this picture? Read Full Synopsis Here

GREAT EXPECTATIONS:  The human brain is an “expectation” and “prediction” organ.  A human child starts developing his or her “expectations of life” (whether “great” or “not-so-great” or “polar opposite of great”) within the first year of life.Read Full Synopsis Here