Educating the Culture

The Human Nature Science Manifesto 1.0 (Beta)

This is an open invitation for scientists who study any aspect of “the nature” of us human animals to help create a broadly consilient team of human nature scientists. Please consider being on “the human nature science team.” The purpose of the Human Nature Science Manifesto 1.0 (Beta Version) is to encourage human nature scientists [...]


Picture of Man Running Away from Himself -- Mirror Images

The Fight-Flight-Freeze Response is NOT FUNCTIONAL When There is NO DANGER! Fighting OR Running Away is ONLY Functional When There IS REAL DANGER! Sorry for YELLING, but this is a message that “the Culture” needs to hear. When faced with real danger in the present, it’s highly functional, (even super-functional, even miraculous), for our nervous [...]

The Birth of a Website

Picture of Newborn with Head in Hands of Mother

This website was born on January 25th.    It’s a very sweet, adorable, precious, miracle baby.  At least I, Proud Papa, think it is. A “Miracle Baby” because not too many people have new business/babies at age 69! A “Miracle Baby” because I’ve no real experience in creating/leading a new business/baby to term. A “Miracle [...]

Fighting OR Running Away is Super Functional

Picture of Tiger's Face

Fighting or Running Away is Super Functional .   .   .   .   .   But ONLY When There’s Real Danger. We human beings do best and feel best when we live our daily lives within an optimal range of inner balance (homeostasis).  Inner balance is our natural & optimal state.  (see our [...]

Inner Balance is Biological

Stylized image of human in bright yellow gold with gears throughout the body

Inner Balance is the Natural State for a Human Being We human beings need to feel safe and secure inside ourselves to perform our best in any moment, in any situation.   We need to be balanced, aware, alert in present reality, to do our best. This is not rocket science.  It is human science.  It [...]

Why “the Culture” Needs Educating

Here’s the problem: We human beings are group animals, social animals, team animals.  This is not just a personality or temperament choice/preference of some human beings. Nor is it a particular cultural rule or moral imperative of only some unique human groups.  No.  It’s a biological truth that we human beings are group animals. But [...]