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Safe to Learn

The word FEAR on black board crossed out

You NEED to feel safe internally (physically and psychologically) in order to explore, to learn new skills, to experiment, to grow.

There’s Nothing Wrong! There’s Only Reality!

Man at computer with head in his hands

Most daily stress is self-generated by thoughts/judgments that “there’s something wrong” — either with oneself or with another or with a situation going on. Thoughts of “something’s wrong” trigger the fight-flight system, even if only a little.

THE GIFT (for Grown-ups Only)

Looking through keyhole to blue sky and eagle flying

If you’re an adult and you’re thinking-believing-acting as if you “have to” do something you don’t want to do, you are acting like a child, or a prisoner, or victim — not free, not at choice.

Safe to Be You

Happy girl jumping

We human beings need to feel safe internally in order to function well. This is not just a pop psychology good idea. It is a biological, physiological truth.