In the 1st edition of THE DEVELOPING MIND Dan Siegel used the term “maximal complexity,” saying it was the “best definition of ‘mental health’” he’d ever heard. The following quotes from Dan Siegel’s book (with Mary Hartzell) Parenting from the Inside Out give a flavor for what he meant about “maximal complexity” and “mental health:” [...]

Vitality is Your Birthright (Synopsis Only)

Some of the premises for this project are: (1) An average-sized adult human being contains within his/her body no less than 7,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules of potential energy.  That’s an awful lot of energy!  It takes just one joule of energy to lift an average apple one meter.  See A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003) Bill Bryson [...]

SURVIVAL! (It’s Your Job) (Synopsis Only)

Who’s responsible for your survival?  It’s you, isn’t it?  It’s not your parents’ responsibility any more (at least if you’re an adult).  It’s not your spouse’s either.  It certainly isn’t your friends’ or neighbors’ job, or your boss’s or co-workers’. This would be a research-based project (website, books, audio & video content) centered around the [...]

Loving is a Skill (Synopsis Only)

The Premises for this Project Title: (1) Even though “love” is something so talked and written about in our culture, many people really don’t seem to have a clue what “love” is; (2) in order to “know what love is” you need to have experienced it (or enough of it) as a child or to [...]

Love is Not Enough (Synopsis Only)

Premise: In order to have a healthy love relationship, you need to know how to love the other unconditionally.  However, love is not enough for a successful relationship.  You need to also like and approve of the other person at least 51%.   If there are too many things you don’t like about the other person or you disapprove of too many things about [...]

What’s Your Rank? (Synopsis Only)

There is substantial credible evidence that we human beings are “adapted” to living in groups (tribes?) of small groups of people (100 to 150), and that “status issues” or “ranking issues” are always present in such cohesive groups. This project (website/books/videos/podcasts) would require some chutzpah and careful interviewing and research. First of all there is [...]

Belonging . . . . . vs. Pseudo-Belonging (Synopsis Only)

The theory behind this title is that we human beings are social animals and that there are certain “basic principles of life” about being “social animals” that it would be good for our culture to know, understand, be open to. This would be an interview/research-based website, podcasts, videos, & book. The goal of Part One [...]