Belonging . . . . . vs. Pseudo-Belonging (Synopsis Only)

RowinglongboatThe theory behind this title is that we human beings are social animals and that there are certain “basic principles of life” about being “social animals” that it would be good for our culture to know, understand, be open to.

This would be an interview/research-based website, podcasts, videos, & book.

The goal of Part One would be to make a strong case from evolutionary psychology and biology and ethology as to the “social nature of humans;” that we are “hard-wired” to BELONG; and that the “need to belong” is an intimate aspect of the “survival instinct” rather than just a “temperament” or “personality” issue.

Part Two would highlight the lack of “real belonging” in the modern industrial world, with all the alternative “Pseudo-Belonging” features of our culture.  This would be a delicate task, so as not to alienate potential groups of readers who might put a lot of psychic, emotional, and behavioral energy into “pseudo-belonging”.  The website, podcasts, videos, & book would aim to provoke the audience to think about the possibility that they might be putting a lot of energy into “pseudo-belonging”, but being careful not to “put them on the defensive.”

Part Three would be focused on how to create more “real belonging” and more “authentic teams”  [alternate title: WIRED TO BELONG]