Real Men Have Feelings . . . . It’s Their Job to Manage Them (Synopsis Only))

Feelings-Babyboy2264Part One (or the Introduction) would aim to communicate the truth that if one is alive, one is having feelings all the time — the brain and the nervous system is a “feeling machine” and one’s competence at feeling, interpreting and managing one’s feelings is directly related to how successful, how effective, how related, and how fulfilled one will be in one’s daily life.

This Project would aim to counteract the strong cultural myth that men have fewer feelings than women.

If there really are any differences between men and women in the “emotional brain”, men are perhaps better able to suppress and repress their feelings, which is not necessarily a good thing, except perhaps in war or other physically dangerous situations.  We would aim to substantiate these truths about the human brain and nervous system in relation to feelings and emotions.

Part Two would be about how to “get in touch with” one’s feelings if one has learned how to disconnect from one’s feelings, and would highlight a lot of the most repressed and suppressed-against feelings, such as confusion, frustration, fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, shame, fear of not knowing, etc.

Part Three would focus on skills for learning better how to be responsible for and to manage one’s feelings — to help men “get” the difference between the unconscious, automatic patterns of  suppressing and repressing of feelings most of us have learned versus the positive intentional skill of MANAGING, BEING INCHARGE OF, CHOOSING HOW TO RESPOND TO, one’s feelings.

Healthy parenting is about teaching one’s children how to recognize, allow, accept, and MANAGE one’s feelings, but parents who are not skilled at doing that within themselves cannot teach it.  This project will also explore the phenomenon of “learning to mask our feelings” at an early age to win parents’ approval (or prevent/minimize their disapproval).