Relevant Information

When you focus your attention on the RELEVANT INFORMATION for what you are doing, you perform your best and you’re at your happiest.

Keeping your attention on the RELEVANT INFORMATION inside of you and outside of you in the present moment is one of the most basic life functionality skills.

Anyone can improve her/his RELEVANT INFORMATION skills.

You know you can’t control time, the stock market, or whether your favorite football team wins or not.  And you kinda know (though you forget often enough) that you can’t control what your spouse (or date), your boss (or employees or customers), or even your children, think about you, about themselves, or about anything.

But the one “thing” you always have the power to control (manage, direct) is your attention, your thoughts, your awareness of the RELEVANT INFORMATION for what you are doing and want to be doing in the moment.

This is a good thing, because your success and happiness in any area of your life (in a moment and over your lifetime) depends more on the quality of your attention/awareness/focus skills (your “relevant information skills”) than on the genes you were born with or even your external life circumstances.

The Project:

  • Website, blog, podcasts, videos, online interviews with researchers/teachers/recognized authorities, exploring the  simple basic attentional/awareness principles of “Relevant Information.”
  • Producing a successful book for a broad, mainstream audience.
  • This would be a research-based “culture-help/self-help” project, with a strong  focus on research, along with a strong emphasis on teaching how to improve “relevant information skills”.

The Main Message:

The more skilled a person is at focusing on the RELEVANT INFORMATION for the task the person is doing, the more successful the person will be at performing the task and the happier/more satisfied the person will be while doing the task.

Stating the principle in the reverse: the more distracted a person is by IRRELEVANT INFORMATION while doing a task, the less successful the person will be at performing the task and the less happy/satisfied the person will be while doing the task.

This is a common sense principle and may be “so self-evident as to need no scientific validation,” yet how much effort, emphasis, and training do our modern cultures (parents, teachers, coaches, religious leaders) put into helping children develop these most basic attention/awareness skills?  How much effort does the average person devote to developing and improving his/her “relevant attention skills”?

At LGIBooks we are convinced that developing good “relevant attention skills” is such a core skill for optimal success and satisfaction in any and every area of life, that it easily deserves as much effort, emphasis and training as any other academic, athletic, musical, artistic, relationship skill. It is a foundational skill.

Interviewing Experts: 

One of the core aspects of most every LGIBooks project is an interview series with experts, such as, researchers, teachers, therapists or other relevant experts.  For RELEVANT INFORMATION we would start with interviewing many of the scientists and researchers and writers in the Research Support section.

We would also focus on “attention experts” – any therapist, teacher, or coach who focuses on helping people improve their attention skills, such as “mindfulness” teachers.

If you have expertise related to research, teaching or therapy in helping adults and children improve their attention skills and would be interested in being interviewed or know someone who you think would be great for us to interview, let us know.

Target Audiences:

Anyone. Everyone.  General “interested” audience.  Non-fiction Best Seller audience.

We are convinced that the Main Message of this project is so basic and yet so profound, that it would benefit anyone and everyone to improve their  attention skills, and thereby improve the quality of their lives.

The Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Personal Development Market

This would include Therapists, Personal Development/Business Coaches, and Seminar Leaders

The Parenting/Healthy Child Development Market

Relevant Information/healthy attention skills might just be one of the most important skills for parents to teach/model for their children.  The parenting market is a large market.

The Education Market

Obviously an important audience for this message — for many children school teaches them how to focus on Irrelevant Information and encourages attention habits that distract and detract from developing good Relevant Information attention habits.

The Athletic Skills Market

This would include parents, young children’s coaches (soccer, baseball, football, etc.), as well as high school, college and elite level athletic coaches.  The best athletes at any level are those who are best at staying focused on the most important “relevant information” each moment of the practice and the game.   These are attention skills that most any child can improve.

The Business Success Market

Certainly “relevant information” skills are important for optimal effectiveness and success in the business/career context.

Ideal Team:

A non-fiction writer or science writer who resonates with the Main Message and Basic Principles of RELEVANT INFORMATION , who wants to work collaboratively with LGIBooks’ unique audio-system for developing content, who would be skilled and eager to do the researching and interviewing necessary for integrating/synthesizing the most relevant research that supports these profound, yet basic, attentional/awarenesss skills.

A psychotherapist who resonates with the simple, yet profound message of RELEVANT INFORMATION and wants to make it a focus of his/her therapy and teach these principles to a broad audience (speaking, videos, online classes)

A human nature scientist/researcher (Ph.D. level in any discipline related to human “attentional science”) involved in some facet of research related to these “relevant information” principles

A teacher/educator who wants to “Educate the Culture” about these principles — could be a teacher to the culture in the broadest sense or a teacher/educator in one or more of our niche areas (see above in Target Audiences)

A publishing professional who sees the success potential of this project

A video professional who sees the potential of the video element of this project

Investors who see the potential of this project and want to help make it happen