Self-Image is Destiny (Synopsis Only)

Woman2faces3842The goal of this project title would be to explore and emphasize how important one’s “Self-image” is for one’s success, happiness, fulfillment (or lack thereof) in life.

Preliminary ideas for the development & structure are as follows:

Part One would be a mix of research and interviews woven into a compelling story of how “Self-image is Destiny” for good and for bad — the goal being to get the reader’s (and the media’s) attention as to how important self-image is (even when it may be based on grossly inaccurate information).  We are using “self-image” here in the sense of “a person’s mental model of him or herself”.

Part Two would explore the most credible research on the formation of one’s self-image as a child and the central role of parents and other important adults (and the media?) in the process, with clear, compassionate linking to the research that shows how resistant to change most people’s self-images are.

Part Three would explore success stories and successful strategies of change.

In a nutshell, the premises of this title are: (1) that you can’t do anything that conflicts with your image of your Self; (2) that an optimally functional self-image would be fluid and changing in alignment with reality (your strengths and weaknesses – your realistic current capacity) and your development (your learning and life experiences); (3) that it is very common for people to have a less-than-optimally–functional fixed or solidified “mental construction” image of one’s Self that is very often not based upon reality and which limits one’s ability to continue to grow and develop throughout life.