SURVIVAL! (It’s Your Job) (Synopsis Only)

SurvivalUrJobWho’s responsible for your survival?  It’s you, isn’t it?  It’s not your parents’ responsibility any more (at least if you’re an adult).  It’s not your spouse’s either.  It certainly isn’t your friends’ or neighbors’ job, or your boss’s or co-workers’.

This would be a research-based project (website, books, audio & video content) centered around the premise that human beings are very much “hard-wired” with a “survival instinct” in similar ways to other species of animals (at least other mammals).

The first objectives would be: (1) to present the physiological, biological, developmental science supporting the existence of the “survival instinct” in humans in a clear, interesting, compelling way; (2) to show that animals in their natural environments live life with a vital, energized, moment-to-moment “survival alertness,” which is not a hyper-vigilant, hyper-anxious existence, but rather is a “relaxed alertness” most of the time, only becoming “hyper” or “adrenaline-charged” when there is an actual or perceived “survival threat”; and (3) that human infants demonstrate this moment-to-moment “survival alertness.”

The second objective would  be to make the case that most humans in the “civilized world” lose this moment-to-moment “survival alertness” vitality and actually develop alternate life strategies that make it very difficult to live life as adults with the moment-to-moment vitality of “survival alertness” that all other animals have.

The third objective would be a research-based “self-help” focus and exploration on how to live life in this “civilized world” with the moment-to-moment vitality of “survival alertness.

We believe this would require a very skilled science writer — of the caliber of a Deborah Blum[1] or a Malcolm Gladwell[2] — who could do justice to the science that supports our “survival instinct” theory in a way that isn’t “over-scientific-y” for a mainstream audience and who will “get” the premise that a human being’s mental health and happiness and functionality in the world will improve to the degree to which he or she has the skill of “survival alertness” and “survival responsibility” in daily life. [Alternate title: SURVIVAL ALERTNESS]

[1]   Such as, Love at Goon Park (Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 2002)

[2]   Such as, Blink (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2005)