The Secret to Healthy Relationships

This is the secret to every kind of relationship:

Watch the Video and see if you think this really is THE secret to healthy relationships?

The Project:

  • Website, blog, podcasts, videos, online interviews with “healthy relationship” researchers/teachers/recognized authorities, focused on exploring, expanding, espousing, encouraging, teaching, the simple relationship wisdom embodied in the poem “The Secret to Healthy Relationships”
  • Producing a successful best seller book with the title THE SECRET TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS for a broad, mainstream audience that would be successful on its own and would add to the success of the website/internet presence. We envision two different versions:

Version 1 would be a “research-based culture-help” book with a strong research element to support the basic wisdom of this principle, along with a strong “self-help” motivation section.  The self-help section would focus on the reality that many people may “get” the value of such a consciousness in their relationships and may want to have such a positive win-win attitude in their relationships, .  .  .  .  .  and would artfully, caringly, emphasize the reality that such a shift takes effort and practice and attention for most of us . . . . . to replace the “old wiring” of one’s old less-than-optimal mental patterns of relating.

Version 2, would be an arty, “gentle teaching” inspirational, gift book version, which would also include easy exercises to try, and maybe some “lite” research support

  • The goal of both versions would be to help people learn and choose this “secret” skill in all their relationships.

The Main Message:

  • “Wanting the best for yourself” and for your goals/purpose/values while relating to/with another person is essential for “healthy” relating.
  • Paying attention to yourself in present reality without any judgment (self-awareness) is a necessary element of “wanting the best for yourself” and effective relating.
  • Wanting/expecting the other person(s) to want the best for you when relating is very healthy/functional.
  • Not wanting the best for yourself and not wanting/expecting the other person(s) to want the best for you when relating, are signs/symptoms of you not valuing/caring for yourself and your life very much — signs of an insecure sense of self, low self-esteem/self-worth.
  • Another “secret” to “healthy relationships” is that the “secrets” are all SKILLS that anyone can learn and continually improve.
  • Wanting the best for yourself and wanting the best for another are “experiential skills” — not just mental or “positive thinking skills”

The Objectives of this Project:

#1   To communicate the simple but very potent message of “The Secret to Healthy Relationships” to the broadest possible audience
#2   To Educate the Culture (especially the teachers and the leaders of the “human culture”) that the “secrets” to healthy relating start with these very basic learnable skills
#3   To help readers, listeners, viewers, “get”/experience the “secrets” are very basic relating skills

Target Audiences:

  • We envision Version 1 — the “research-based culture-help” version– to be a successful best selling book for a highly educated, involved, caring, audience.
  • We envision Version 2  as a gift/inspirational book for a very broad, general audience — that people would think of giving to friends, family, employees, customers, as a thoughtful, caring gift. It is is definitely not a controversial message, yet it is very profound and has the potential to have great impact for many different niche audiences.
  • Some of the niche audience books/programs we envision for this Project, all centered on these same simple relationship skills are:

Families: “The Secret of Healthy Parent/Child Relationships”
Education: “The Secret of Healthy Teacher/Student Relationships”
Work: “The Secret of Healthy Relationships at Work”
Dating/Romance: “The Secret of Healthy Dating”
Business/Sales: “The Secret of Healthy Customer Relations”
We also have several promising ideas for children’s picture books.

  • For more information on our niche project ideas, APPLY HERE

Ideal Team

A non-fiction writer or science writer who resonates with the simple messages of THE SECRET TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS , who wants to work collaboratively with LGIBooks’ unique audio-system for developing content, who would be skilled and eager to do the researching and interviewing necessary for integrating/synthesizing the most relevant research that supports these profound, yet basic, relationship skills.

A psychotherapist who specializes in “relationship health” who resonates with the simple, yet profound message of THE SECRET TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and wants to make it a focus of his/her therapy and teach these principles to a broad audience (speaking, videos, online classes).

A scientist/researcher (Ph.D. level in any discipline related to “human nature science”), either already involved in relationship research related to these principles or who is interested in “going deeper” with specific research devising programs to teach the specific “attention/attitude skills” of THE SECRET TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, and then testing their effectiveness in relationships.

A teacher/educator who wants to “Educate the Culture” about these principles for healthy relationships — could be a teacher to the culture in the broadest sense or a teacher/educator in one or more of our niche areas (see above in Target Audiences).

A publishing professional who sees the success potential of this project. A video professional who sees the potential of the video element of this project.