There’s Nothing Wrong! There’s Only Reality!

There’s nothing wrong with you.  There’s only the reality of you.

Reality is neither “right” nor “wrong.”

This is a very potent “truism,” yet how often during an average day are you (and perhaps most people) thinking or worrying that “something’s wrong” — either with yourself or with another person or a situation in your life?

Watch our video for a taste of this project.

The Project:

  • Website, blog, podcasts, videos, online interviews with researchers/teachers/recognized authorities, focusing on the simple, yet profound, theme of this message/truth/truism that “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG!  THERE’S ONLY REALITY!”
  • Successful research-based, culture-help/self-help book for general “mainstream” audience, synthesizing the research that supports our thesis that we actually cause stress for ourselves when we judge ourselves or someone/something else as “wrong” — that we trigger our fight-flight system, the stress response system.
  • Books, manuals & web content (including audio & video), for niche audiences, such as: parents, teachers/educators,  coaches, therapists, and even for children, to teach and encourage this “reality skill.”

The Main Message:

  • Most daily stress is self-generated by thoughts/judgments that “there’s something wrong” — either with oneself or with another person or with a situation going on. Thoughts of “something’s wrong” trigger one’s internal fight-flight system, even if only a little.
  • When you are thinking there’s something wrong with the reality of yourself or the reality of another person or the reality of a situation, you are, in essence, judging reality as “wrong” and causing some level of dissonance inside of yourself. When you’re judging reality as “wrong,” you’re “fighting with reality.”
  • When you are balanced in awareness of present reality — the present reality inside of you and the present reality around you —  you are most calm, capable, functional — able to manage your life, able to problem solve, able to make the best decisions for yourself.
  • The experience of present reality includes (1) a sense of “the continuity of time” or “the flow of time” – this moment flowing uninterrupted into the next moment, rather than “staccato time” or discrete, separate, stop-and-go moments of time; and (2) an awareness of the whole – the whole of you and the whole of the space around you, rather than disjointed focus on individual, separate parts.  Both the ability to sense the continuity of time and awareness of the whole in the present moment require the right hemisphere of the human brain to be “leading” the present reality awareness.  If a person’s right hemisphere is not skilled at leading the person’s awareness, she/he will not be skilled at being consistently aware in present reality and will be more likely to be doing more “there’s something wrong” thinking and self-creating stress or conflict.
  • The stress response system for humans (and all other mammals) is optimally functional when there is real danger to one’s safety in the moment, but it is not functional when there is no real present danger.

Target Audiences:

Our main target audience is a broad mainstream audience — a best seller book and a “best seller website.”

Some of our current niche audience ideas: A young children’s picture book: “There’s Nothing Wrong with Me!  There’s Only the Reality of ME!” and/or a book for older children Tweens;

For Parents: “There’s Nothing Wrong Your Child! There’s Only the Reality of Your Child! (could be even Gender versions: “There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Son/Daughter!  There’s Only the Reality of Your Son/Daughter!”  “There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Teen!  There’s Only the Reality of Your Teen!

For the Politically/Civic-Minded Audience: “There’s Nothing Wrong with Our Country(City, State)! There’s Only the Reality of Our Country (City, State)” — centered on encouraging the end of complaining and blaming to focusing on problem solving from the starting place of reality

For Teachers/Educators: This is really an important message to get to Teachers and parents in regards to a child’s education — especially in the earliest years.  When a teacher or parent disapproves of a child’s performance, it is probably more common than not for the child to infer/feel disapproval of him/herself (his/her “good-enough-ness”).

Ideal Team:

A non-fiction writer or science writer who resonates with the simple messages of THERE’S NOTHING WRONG! THERE’S ONLY REALITY! , who wants to work collaboratively with LGIBooks’ unique audio-system for developing content, who would be skilled and eager to do the researching and interviewing necessary for integrating/synthesizing the most relevant research that supports these profound, yet basic, self-awareness/present-reality skills.

A psychotherapist who resonates with the simple, yet profound message of THERE’S NOTHING WRONG! THERE’S ONLY REALITY! and wants to make it a focus of his/her therapy and teach these principles to a broad audience (speaking, videos, online classes)

A scientist/researcher (Ph.D. level in any discipline related to “human nature science”), either already involved in research related to these principles or who is interested in “going deeper” with specific research devising programs to teach the specific “attention/attitude skills” of THERE’S NOTHING WRONG!  THERE’S ONLY REALITY!, to specific target audiences and then testing their effectiveness

A teacher/educator who wants to “Educate the Culture” about these principles — could be a teacher to the culture in the broadest sense or a teacher/educator in one or more of specific niche areas

A publishing professional who sees the success potential of this project, including the potential for series of books

A video professional who sees the potential of the video element of this project [eg. interviews on the street, challenging the cultural assumptions that “there’s something wrong”; or a “real” “reality TV show” focused on the nature of reality in everyday life]

Investors who see the potential of this project and want to help make it happen