The Birth of a Website

Picture of Newborn with Head in Hands of Mother

This website was born on January 25th.    It’s a very sweet, adorable, precious, miracle baby.  At least I, Proud Papa, think it is.

A “Miracle Baby” because not too many people have new business/babies at age 69!

A “Miracle Baby” because I’ve no real experience in creating/leading a new business/baby to term.

A “Miracle Baby” because it was such a long pregnancy – 16 months — not to mention all the years of trying to “birth a business” without all the pain and difficulty of pregnancy!

As I was driving out to Desert Hot Springs the morning of the 25th to put the finishing touches on the website in person with my web developer, Rick Anderson of, (we usually “meet” online via Go To Meeting. com) I realized that the website for my book and web production company, Learning Goals Institute, was finally ready to be born that day.

I knew it wasn’t going to be a perfect baby, a perfect website, a perfect business start-up right at birth – even with a couple more hours with my awesome web master.

I knew my baby wasn’t going to be “born” fully developed, “perfectly developed” — just like no human baby is born fully developed. Two days earlier I’d even suggested to Rick over the phone that we postpone the celebration for another week (I was planning to take Rick and his wife out to lunch in Palm Springs to celebrate “the completion” of the website after our “touch up” work together in the morning), but he assured me that the part I was concerned about would be completed before our meet up.

“Happy Birthday to you . . . Happy Birthday dear . . .”

As these thoughts of the “birth” of my website came to me while driving out along Highway 60 towards Desert Hot Springs, I decided to explore them on the Voice Memo app of my new iPhone as  (hands free, of course – I have awesome sport earphones with built-in microphone from Yurbuds).

Check out my audio exploration—total of just under 9 minutes.  I think you’ll find it fun and interesting – and maybe even applicable to business and/or personal development goals in your own life.

There are 2 audios (not be design).  Remember this is a baby.  I’m a new parent (a single parent at that) and although I’m very competent at changing diapers for a human baby (I’ve had some practice), I don’t know how to edit audios for an audio baby to make them into one audio.  It’s probably as easy to learn as changing a diaper, but my baby website has more pressing needs at this stage.  There’s so much I don’t know how to do to take good care of this baby — YET!

Please sing along when the audio gets to “Happy Birthday to you . . . Happy Birthday dear . . .”!!!! on the 2nd audio.

Hope You’ll Celebrate the Birth of My Brand-New Baby Website

And then go look around at  Please “ooh & ahh” at my cute, sweet, miracle baby.   We’d be ever so delighted (my baby and I) if you’d check out at least one or two or three of our Project ideas.  Either look at our Project Categories in the menu above or at our “Featured Projects” over there on the right (the “sidebar”).   All our Projects are proposals for a website and books focused around basic principles of life for human beings that are supported by substantial, credible scientific research or which are so self-evident as to need no scientific validation.  We’re looking for team mates to help us produce these Projects. Check out our Welcome to the Business of LGIBooks page and our Team Business pages.

. . . . and NOT Expect My Baby (or ANY Baby) to Be Perfect

I hope you will find interesting and maybe you’ll even be able to see what a precocious baby it is, but if you don’t, I hope you won’t be expecting my baby to be perfect!!!  No baby is perfect!!!  No baby is born fully developed and fully functional and fully skilled.  Human babies don’t even know how to walk yet!  And no one expects them to.  No one criticizes a brand-new baby for not being a perfectly developed grown-up.

Well most people don’t or won’t – although some people (including some parents & grandparents & aunts & uncles & neighbors) do start criticizing children for not being perfectly developed, not being perfectly skilled — in subtle and not-so-subtle ways — very early in life.  And certainly people will do that with my baby.

I hope you won’t though, won’t criticize my baby website for not being “perfect”– but just by the bye, what would a “perfect website” look like?   This business and this website for this brand-new baby business is my idea, my creation.   How could anyone else know what it would take for my ideas, my creation, my babies, to reach “perfection”?  I don’t even know what “perfect” would be for this website, for this business!

I Know my Baby’s Not “Perfect”! I’m No Longer Aiming for “Perfect” — I’m Aiming for Healthy Development.

Now it’s difficult for a parent to admit there’s anything not absolutely perfect about their baby, but I know my baby is not perfect (gosh that feels good to say/admit/acknowledge/know!)

I don’t even know all the ways my baby is not perfect – nor do I know all the things, treatments, skills, toys, playmates, time, my baby’s going to need to develop to healthy adulthood.  No parent (whether of a human baby or of a business or a creative project) really knows ahead of time all of what it will take to help guide/nurture his/her baby grow to healthy adulthood.

With the birth of this website, I’ve come to realize even more clearly that my long pregnancy and the years of “pre-pregnancy planning” for this business were a function of my cultural training that I need to be perfect when I do anything and that anything I produce (including babies and books and websites) has to be “perfect” before I can share it with the world, with anyone else.

Whew!  I’m glad I’m finally getting over that cultural error – that cultural “bullshit” message that many of us get from our parent cultures and our school cultures (we all get it from the media/celebrity culture) – otherwise this baby would never have been born!

You Can Help Us (My Baby & Me) By Telling Us Why You Think this Brand-New Baby Website is NOT PERFECT.

But go ahead . . . tell me if you think my baby’s not perfect . . . tell us if you think it’s “your job” to set me and my baby “right” about what is or is not a “perfect baby website.” With the birth of this baby, I’m well on my way to freedom from that debilitating “perfection problem” that has kept me from birthing many creative projects up until now. I’ll be much less likely to get triggered by your opinion that “my baby’s not perfect” or your opinion that I’m “not perfect”, because I already know that!!! So, go ahead, in the comments below, please tell me all the ways you think my baby’s not perfect. You’ll be helping me if you do — helping me to test how well I am really over the “perfection addiction.”

You Would Help Us More (I think) By Telling Us What You Like and What You Don’t Like (or What You Find Unclear/Confusing).

I’d prefer, however, that you’d frame your comments as to what you like about my baby and what you don’t like or anything you find unclear or confusing. That would be really helpful to me and to my baby’s development towards becoming “a grown-up business” (I’m no longer aiming for the fantasy of “grown-up perfection” or “perfect development” or “perfect business.”)

I know you won’t like everything about my baby, but I’m sure if you try, you can find at least one thing you do like (or can SAY you like — we new parents really love to hear the neighbors and strangers on the street oh & ahh over our babies, even if we pretend nonchalance).

And even if there are 25 things you don’t like or find confusing, please only tell me 2 or 3 at the most. (You can save the others for next week — we new parents only have so much capacity to take in well-meaning feedback as to how we can be better parents!)