Seeking Graphic Artists for Non-Fiction Books & Websites

Painting realityAre you a Graphic Designer or Artist who:

  • Has designed or worked on the production of a graphic novel?
  • Resonates with one or more of our project titles?
  • Is interested in exploring the possibility of developing one or more of our projects in a graphic non-fiction book and/or comic book format?

Why Team-Up with LGIBooks? – The Benefits

  • We have a unique team production process that will challenge and broaden your skills and success
  • You’ll be making a real contribution to the world, to “the human team,” by helping to translate important research about “human nature” and human functionality in ways that most anyone can understand and apply in their own lives and you’ll be creating successful art at the same time.
  • We have a catalog of over 200 research-informed web & book  titles.  Not all of them lend themselves to graphic or comic book treatment, but many do.  Current titles we are considering for graphic/art treatment are The Gift (for Grown-Ups Only) and The Secret to Healthy Relationships.  Apply to find out other titles we are considering for graphic/art treatment.

To Apply:

  • Provide a recent resume.  If you don’t have an updated resume or don’t even have a formal resume, we’ll accept an informal addendum to your resume or an informal listing of your training and experience that gives us a realistic impression of your experience.
  • Please provide at least 2 samples of graphic novel or comic book graphics work;  if you don’t have any graphic novel/comic book art, provide us with enough of your other graphic art work to show your projected ability to do graphic novel/comic book art.
  • This is not required, but you would win points by doing some informal graphic sketches for The Gift or The Secret or any other Project you’re interested in.

1st Preference to those who have worked on a published graphic novel and/or comic book

2nd Preference to those who have unpublished graphic novel or comic book

3rd Preference to those who have neither, but who can demonstrate their ability and enthusiasm to do so

Interview & Audition Process:

  • If we accept your application, we’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll schedule an introductory meeting (online or in person) to discuss our unique team production process, including the long-term nature of the commitment to the project.
  • For an audition, we’ll provide you with the current working outline of the project and at least five audios developing (1) the overview/goals/main idea of the project and our ideas about graphic treatment for the project; (2) some aspects of the project as suggestions for you to develop as a story board treatment or treatments for a vignette.
  • The goal of your audition piece is for us both to evaluate our respective abilities to collaborate/team-play/co-create content, effectively and enjoyably.   We wouldn’t invite you to audition if we didn’t think there was high probability of our team-compatibility.  In addition to the outline and audios, you’ll have the opportunity to interview/brainstorm with me (Tom) for up to 90 minutes about the project and your ideas/questions for the audition piece.
  • We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to do this audition piece for free or a reduced rate.

If, however, you have substantial demonstrated/published graphic novel or comic book success and we really like your style, don’t hesitate to ask for your going rate for this audition piece, if you would otherwise not apply.

Likewise, if you are a student, unemployed, or not yet making enough income from your art or “day job,”  don’t hesitate to ask for a stipend for your time and effort at doing this audition.