Looking for Human Nature Scientist Partners

Man's face looking up with top of head hollowed outAre you a scientist or researcher who studies any aspect of the nature of us human beings  — the nature of the human species and how our “nature” is different from and similar to other species?

Do you have an open-minded,  interdisciplinary, consilient attitude towards one or more of the following disciplines: Cognitive Science; cognitive psychology; cognitive neuroscience; Consciousness science; Attention Science; Neuroeducation; Educational Neuroscience; Developmental Psychology; Attachment Research; Interpersonal Neurobiology; Educational Psychology; Learning Sciences; Social Psychology; Social Neuroscience; Self Determination Theory; Social Anthropology; Applied Sociology; Comparative Psychology; Cultural Anthropology; Ethology; Behavioral Ecology; Personality Psychology; Evolutionary Psychology; Positive Psychology; Social Philosophy?

Why Team-Up with LGIBooks? – The Benefits

  • We have a unique team production process that will challenge and broaden your research/communicating/teaching/writing skills and success
  • You’ll be making a real contribution to the world and  “the human team,” by helping to translate important research about “human nature” and human functionality in ways that most anyone can understand and apply in their own lives, without compromising your research/scientific-method integrity and standards (even though our goal is “translating” scientific research, we are not into “dumbing down” the research).
  • Each web and book project is focused on a “basic life principle” that is supported by substantial credible scientific research or which is so “self-evident” from human experience as to need no scientific validation, and each project will be exploring/investigating/encouraging relevant research and applications of the research to everyday life.
  • We have a catalog of over 600 research-informed web & book  titles.
  • There would also be opportunities for participating in other activities aimed at most effectively “translating” and communicating our human nature research content to the broadest audience possible, such as: interviewing other experts & thought leaders, leading classes & seminars, webinars, coaching, speaking.
  • You’d have the opportunity to work part-time in a non-academic, non-hierarchical, environment, as a supplement to your formal academic research and teaching work (or corporate/non-profit work), or even during your post-graduate, pre-Phd study.
  • The opportunity to supplement your income:  We are convinced that only projects that are financially successful will have any significant impact on “educating the culture.”  We will only pursue projects that have the most promise of being financially successful.

To Apply:

  • Provide a copy or link to your resume and/or CV, including your current position or positions
  • 2 samples of published research articles or chapters you’ve contributed to
  • Provide a description of your research interests, past and prospective.
  • Samples of any non-academic writing you’ve done (this is not necessary or even expected, but if you have any, we’d love to see it
  • Write a few paragraphs (or record a video or audio) about how you resonate with any one of the current LGIBooks projects; what particularly interests you about it; what questions or concerns you might have about it from a research perspective.
  • Must have interest/openness to combining your academic, research, teaching passions with an ethical social entrepreneurial business

1st Preference:  Phd’s, post-docs, graduate students working toward their Phd

2nd Preference:  Masters level degree with strong, demonstrated research interests and skills

3rd Preference: Undergraduates with strong, demonstrated research interests and skills, and intention to pursue post-graduate degree — references required

Interview & Audition Process:

  • If we accept your application, we’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll schedule an introductory meeting (online or in person) to discuss our unique team production process, including the nature of the commitment to the project.

We’ll also discuss you doing an Audition for us.  The main purpose of this introductory meeting will be to help you be clear about the benefits and challenges to working with LGIBooks and for you to decide if it is worth your time (given your other work and life commitments and goals) to do an Audition for being on our team.

  • If you decide to do an audition, we’ll provide you with the current working outline of the project, at least five audios developing/exploring the project, and a general overview of the research areas we think are most relevant for  the project.
  • One possible audition format:  (1) Write a candid, honest, informal response/evaluation to the working outline: what you like about it, and (2) Focus on one specific aspect of the outline or audios and find at least three research articles that lend support to (or contradict) the principles or ideas of that aspect of the project, along with a short summary of each article (can be in writing or via audio) and how it lends support (or contradicts/raises questions about) the premises of this aspect of the project.
  • We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to do this audition for free or a reduced rate.

If, however, you are already a leader in your field, don’t hesitate to ask for what you think would be a reasonable rate for your time and effort for this audition piece, if you would otherwise not apply.

Likewise, if you are a still a student or under-employed, don’t hesitate to ask for a stipend for your time and effort at doing this audition.