Looking for Science Writers


Are you a Science Writer who writes (or wants to write) about “Human Nature Science”?

Must have an interest in applying research about the nature of “the human experience.”   Most of our web and book projects can be characterized as “research-based culture-help” or “research-based self-help”  —  the goals being to help the “human culture” and human individuals understand and apply basic principles of human functionality substantiated by credible scientific research.

Why Team-Up with LGIBooks? – The Benefits

  • We have a unique team production process that will challenge and broaden your communicating/teaching/writing skills and success
  • You’ll be making a real contribution to the world and “the human team,” by helping to translate important research about “human nature” and human functionality in ways that most anyone can understand and apply in their daily lives
  • Each web and book project is focused on a “basic life principle” that is supported by substantial credible scientific research or which is so “self-evident” from human experience as to need no scientific validation.
  • We have a catalog of over 600 research-informed web & book  titles.
  • There would also be opportunities for participating in other activities aimed at most effectively “translating” and communicating our human nature research-supported content to the broadest audience possible, such as: interviewing other experts & thought leaders, leading classes & seminars, webinars, coaching, speaking. 

To Apply:

  • Submit your resume showing your education and work experience; if you don’t have recent resume, no need to re-do/update it formally.  Just adding an informal addendum will be fine
  • Please provide at least 2 samples of research-informed writing you have done that demonstrates your abilities
  • Published samples (whether books or articles in quality publications) are preferable, but we will consider unpublished writers
  • We will consider writing samples that are not science or research related, but you’ll have to demonstrate in some other way your serious interest in science related in some way to “human nature science”

1st Preference to those who have worked as author, ghostwriter, or editor on one or more non-fiction book proposals that led to a book deal with major publisher

2nd Preference to writers who have published research-based articles in respected magazines or blogs

3rd Preference to science bloggers with respected, successful blogs

Interview & Audition Process:

  • If we accept your application, we’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll schedule an introductory meeting (online or in person) to discuss our unique team production process, including the long-term nature of the commitment to the project.
  • The main purpose of this introductory meeting will be to help you be clear about the benefits of working with LGIBooks and for you to decide if (given your other work and life commitments and goals) you want to write an audition piece for being on the team for producing this project.
  • If you choose to write an audition piece, we’ll provide you with the current working outline of the project and at least five audios developing (1) the overview/goals/main idea of the project and (2) some aspects of the project as suggestions for you to develop in your audition piece, plus  the opportunity to interview/brainstorm with Tom for up to 90 minutes about the project and about your ideas/questions for the audition piece.
  • We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to do this audition piece for free or at a reduced rate.
    • If, however, you have substantial demonstrated science writing success and we really like your style, don’t hesitate to ask for your going rate for this audition piece if you would otherwise not apply.
    • Likewise, if you are a student, unemployed, or not yet making enough income from your writing or “day job,”  don’t hesitate to ask for a stipend for your time and effort at doing this audition.