Social Entrepreneurs: Help Us Educate the Culture

Hands with Light BulbAre You a Social Entrepreneur?

    • Interested in being on a team for sharing credible scientific research about us humans in ways that can help individuals be more functional/effective/successful in all aspects of their daily lives?
    • Interested in working on a caring, cooperative team, where you will be challenged, supported, and held accountable to be & do your best and where you’ll be expected to challenge, support, and hold your team mates accountable to be & do their best?
    • Who resonates with the title and messages of one or more of our Projects and wants to help “Educate the Culture” about the basic principles of the Project?
    • Who wants to teach and speak and reach/impact wide audience?

The Benefits of Being on an LGIBooks Project Team

  • Working in a real, interdependent team business (Apply to find out more about our Team Business model)
  • Learning, living, & teaching research-based principles of life from a present reality orientation
  • Working on the LGIBooks team WILL improve your business “team skills,” whether your experience has been solo/DIY, very small businesses or large organizations, and your experience will help us improve ours.
  • Helping to build a business that would add/supplement the success of your current enterprises
  • The possibility of long-term business success with the LGI Team

To Apply:

    • Submit a resume that shows your work and learning experience; if you don’t have a formal resume, an informal one will be fine — just include dates and references that we can contact.
    • Write a letter or essay (or record a video or audio) about your “Social Entrepreneur” philosophy, purpose, goals — why do you call yourself or think of yourself as a “social entrepreneur”; what are  your values/motivations as a leader, entrepreneur, business person; what have you done as a “social entrepreneur”?
    • Write a few paragraphs (or record a video or audio) about how you resonate with any one of the current LGIBooks projects; what particularly interests you about it; what questions you have; why you might want to to be a part of producing books and internet content (including videos) about the research-based principles of this project.
    • If you have any videos of you speaking/teaching, please send us a link.
    • If you don’t have one, then do a video (or audio) (5 to 20 mins) teaching something you care about passionately and share with us.  (Please be extemporaneous — no fancy production necessary or needed — unless that’s your thing.  If that’s “your thing”, please do impress us with your video or audio production skills.)

Interview & Audition Process:

  • If  we accept your application, we’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll schedule an introductory meeting (online or in person) to discuss our unique team production process, including the nature of the commitment, and to discuss you doing an audition for being on our team.
  • For an audition, we’ll provide you with the current working outline of the project, at least five audios developing/exploring the project, and recommendations for you to look at least two research articles or chapters, plus one audio outlining how and why we are confident this project has the potential to be financially successful.  Together we would agree upon the specific details/goals/structure of your audition.
  • We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to do this audition piece for free or at reduced rate.

However, if you have substantial demonstrated high-level social entrepreneurial success, don’t hesitate to ask for a reasonable consulting fee for this audition piece if you would otherwise not apply.

Likewise, if you are currently unemployed or under-employed, there is a possibility of  a stipend for your time and effort at doing an audition for us.