Looking for Teachers to Help Educate the Culture

Jumping for Joy

Are You a Teacher/Educator who:

  • Resonates with the title and message of one or more of our Titles? (See listing of all our current titles here)
  • Is willing, able, & open to working on a caring, cooperative team, where you’ll be challenged and supported to be & do your best and where you’ll be expected to challenge and support your team mates to be & do their best?
  • Is excited about the prospects of translating credible scientific research about us humans in ways that can help individuals be more functional/effective/successful in all aspects of their daily lives?
  • Wants to teach and speak and reach/impact wider audience — wants to help “Educate the Culture” about the basic principles of one or more of our Projects?

The Benefits of Being on an LGIBooks Learning Team

  • Working on a real, committed, interdependent teaching team
  • Learning, living, & teaching research-based principles of life from a present reality orientation
  • Working on the LGIBooks team WILL improve your teaching “team skills,” whether you teach in a traditional classroom environment or in some other educational realm (corporate trainer, yoga/meditation/movement/martial arts teacher, music/art/dance teacher, motivational speaker, parenting teacher, athletic/fitness coach, business coach, tutor, etc.)
  • Helping to build a business that would add support to the success of your current teaching and would be a viable long-term business/income source in its own right

To Apply:

  • Write a letter or essay (or record a video or audio) about your teaching philosophy, purpose, goals — why you’re a teacher/educator; what your values are as a teacher/educator; your goals/intentions/motivations as a teacher/educator.
  • Write a few paragraphs (or record a video or audio) about how you resonate with any one of the current LGIBooks projects; what particularly interests you about it; what questions you have; why you might want to learn and teach about the research-based principles of this project.
  • If you have any videos of you teaching a class or part of a class, please send us a link.  If you don’t have one, then do a video (or audio) teaching something you care about passionately and share with us.
  • A recent resume, or if you don’t have one, just a simple list of your teaching experiences with specifics of dates and locations — if you have old resume, feel free to bring it up to date informally

Interview & Audition Process:

  • If we accept your application, we’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll schedule an introductory meeting (online or in person) to discuss our unique team production process, including the long-term nature of the commitment to the project, and to discuss you doing an Audition for being on our team.
  • If you decide to do an Audition, we’ll provide you with the current working outline of the project, at least five audios developing/exploring the project, and recommendations for you look  at least two research articles or chapters.
  • Audition format:  (1) Write a candid, honest response/evaluation of our working outline: what you like about it; what works; what you don’t like; what you don’t understand; what more you want to know just from the outline; what you’d want to change; how it could be improved ; and (2) Focus on one specific aspect of the outline or audios and either (a) prepare a lesson to teach this “topic” to me (in person or via Skype or via video); or (b) interview one or more researchers I suggest about this specific topic (in person or via some online service) with a recording of the interview(s) and then discuss the interview with me.
  • We think the possibility of working with us on the development of this project (and possible future projects) is a valuable enough opportunity for you to do an audition for free or at reduced rate.

If, however, you have substantial high-profile, successful teaching experience, don’t hesitate to ask for a reasonable consulting fee for this audition piece if you would otherwise not apply.

Likewise, if you are currently unemployed or under-employed, don’t hesitate to ask for a stipend for your time and effort at doing an audition for us.