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Each video is approximately 5 to 6 minutes long. I recommend you only watch when you can give yourself uninterrupted attention to watching, listening, & considering the message in these videos.

You may even want to give yourself at least 10 minutes for each video, so you can pause or stop and integrate/apply what you’ve heard.You will get the most benefit in relation to your active participation. You’re not likely to get much benefit if you watch passively or with half your attention.

In the first 2 videos I also make the recommendation that you not judge me or my skill level.

When you judge me or my skill level, you are judging me or my skill level for not meeting some idea/ideal of  “perfect.

I’m not asking you not to judge me to discourage you from giving me honest feedback. I know I’m not perfect and I definitely know my video production skill level is not perfect. I’m a beginner. I do want to know what you like about the videos and/or my message and what you don’t like or how you think I could improve.

I’m asking you not to judge me or my skill level because in those moments you’ll stop being open to the possibility that what I’m saying might be of benefit to you and your life.  I want you to get the most benefit possible from this video series, and if you waste your time judging me, you’ll be wasting your time watching.

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