The Book Titles Story

The 1st Book Title Appears

At first there was only one.  A simple enough book idea: BOOKS THAT HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD.  It made sense for me to have the idea, ‘cause many years earlier I’d read a book that dramatically changed the direction of my life – starting me on a life-long quest to find out “What is a healthy human being – a mentally, emotionally, behaviorally healthy human being?” [kind of like Diogenes’ legendary quest in Ancient Greece to find an honest man]

But . . . . . .  I didn’t think of myself as a writer.  I had a full-time “day job” as a lawyer, so all I did about this 1st Book Title/Idea was talk about it – social talk, cocktail party talk, yack, yack, yack.  It was fun, and I invariably got very positive responses – no static! (That shoulda been a hint to DO SOMETHING more than talk, talk, talk.  But I didn’t. (UNTIL NOW!)

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Book Titles Show Up

A couple of years later, over a period of a few months, several more book titles “appeared” – all with the basic gist of a full book idea.  This was quite surprising to me.  Again, the actual nature of the book titles/ideas was not so surprising — they were all related in some way to my quest to find the truth about the characteristics of a “healthy human being.”

What was surprising was that all these new book titles just “showed up,” without me doing anything with my conscious mind to create or “think them up,” and .  .   .   because I didn’t think of myself as a writer and had, up to that point in time, no aspirations to be a writer.

Struggling to Learn the Craft of Writing

“Receiving” these four new book ideas in such a short period of time really got my attention in a way the 1st book title hadn’t.  I figured I’d better put some attention on learning how to write in my “spare time.”

Over the next few years I read a bunch of writing books, started a daily “free writing” practice for an hour a day (inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s WRITING DOWN THE BONES), went to workshops, took a few writing classes (eg. Eva Shaw.)   But other than writing up three book proposals thanks to How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen and A Writer’s Time: Making the Time to Write by Kenneth Atchity, I didn’t make much progress towards writing even one book.

I did devote a lot of time and attention attempting to write up these great non-fiction book ideas, but almost every step was a struggle.  The only writing that was enjoyable and came very easy and consistently was my daily “free writing” hour, where I effortlessly produced fiction and poetry.

Maybe I’m Not a Writer

At some point I started to let myself doubt: “Maybe I’m not a writer” — at least not a non-fiction writer at the level I knew it would take to produce the kinds of book ideas that kept “showing up.”  After all I already had a “day job” as a lawyer that was “not fun” (more daily “struggle” than “the joy of working”!)

I gradually let my “book efforts” fade into the background and put my attention for a couple of years towards starting a non-profit organization related to “healthy human beings” and “positive psychology.”

O.K. I’m not a Writer.  I’m a Book Producer!

Despite my lack of progress in getting any of my “healthy human being” book ideas written and published, new titles kept showing up regularly. I emphasize that they just “showed up” .  .  .  .  unannounced, unplanned, uninvited.  At no time have I consciously “thought up” even one of these book ideas.  By mid-2008 I had over 100 titles!

It was about that time when I discovered there was a publishing-related business called “Book Producing” or “Book Packaging” (See eg. American Book Producers Association ; How to be a Book Packager by Seth Godin; and Wikipedia article on “Book Packaging”)

Since “I’m not a writer” and yet I keep getting all these great book title ideas (at least I thought they were great), maybe I can be a “book producer” of at least some of these great book titles.  I began to explore that possibility.

Are These Book Titles/Ideas Marketable?

I realized I needed to get some feedback from people in the publishing industry as to whether these book ideas were marketable book ideas.  I, of course, thought every one of my book titles/ideas was great, but maybe I was “off.”  What would people with experience in the publishing industry think?

I didn’t have contacts with any major publishing companies nor with any literary agents, but I did know two well-respected published authors who also each ran a small independent publishing companies.  I asked each of them to consult with me to hear a sample of my book ideas and give me their honest professional feedback as to the value and marketability of my ideas.

YES!  Your Book Ideas Are Highly Marketable!!!

Their feedback was effusively, encouragingly validating.  YES! I did have very marketable book titles/ideas, they both agreed.

I also asked several business-oriented friends to review my ideas, and again the feedback was consistently and enthusiastically positive. YES!  these book ideas are very marketable.

I got special validation and encouragement for the book title/ideas that include a series of related titles focused on particular niche audiences.

The Challenge for LGIBooks

At last formal count, we had over 800 book titles.  Yet new book titles/ideas continue to “show up” with amazing regularity, averaging 3 to 5 new titles per month.

The challenge for LGIBooks is determining which titles are the most marketable to focus on producing.

We’re convinced that the best litmus test for the most marketable titles will be the ones that attract qualified, committed team mates.  Please check out at least 3 of our showcased titles and what you think of the marketability of our titles and whether you’d be interested in finding out more about any of them.

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