Tom’s Story

Hi! I’m Tom, the Founder of Learning Goals Institute

I’m looking for team mates to produce profitable websites, internet content (audios, videos, blogs, articles) and books that “educate the culture” about “basic principles of life” (basic principles of “optimal functionality”) for human beings that are supported by credible scientific research or which are so self-evident as to need no scientific validation.

Of course before teaming up with me you’d probably want to know what are my qualifications for “educating the culture” about “basic principles of life”?

I don’t have any “standard” qualifications (whatever those might be).  I could point out some of  my non-standard “qualifications,” yet I don’t think there is really any way I can convince you (or anyone) of the benefits of teaming up with me and LGIBooks on a project, no matter how sexy or wise I might make my learning and past experiences sound. Each LGIBooks title must demonstrate my qualifications.  If I can’t convince you of the value and potential of any of our titles, then it wouldn’t matter what my resume looks like.

Please check out at least 3 of our titles to evaluate for yourself “the qualifications of our titles” for “educating the culture.”

Find All Our Current Titles Here


If you’re attracted to any LGIBooks Title and want to know more about the project (or about me), APPLY HERE  to join on one of our Production Teams or to find out more information.  If you qualify, we’ll schedule an introductory interview.  See also our TEAM PAGES for more about our application & interview process.